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Webinar by François Amigues
6 декабря 2021, понедельник

Last weekend, François Amigues – DO, President of the Institute of Health, Research and Perinatality «Amour Parent Naissance», founder of the international organization «Prenatal Alliance», president of the charitable organization «Canadian Association for Perinatal Education» held a webinar within the framework of the cycle of upgrade training.


During the three-day training, he spoke about the origin of mental and neurological disorders during the formation of the nervous system (during the intrauterine, perinatal and infant periods of fetal development) and substantiated the need to include osteopathic methods in their treatment. 

The author also presented a fast and accurate clinical examination tool – the midline, which activates self-healing mechanisms where physiology dictates, and offers an alternative to the manual, cognitive and biodynamic approaches that define osteopathy when working with mental health. 

More than 30 specialists from different regions of Russia took part in the event. Having noted the great clinical experience of François Amigues and the practical significance of the topic, they expressed the hope that in the future they would be able to attend his seminars again.

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