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Scientific and Educational Consortium for Osteopathy
6 марта 2023, понедельник

On June 29, 2022, the rectors of the leading medical universities in Russia decided to create a scientific and educational consortium on osteopathy, which would combine efforts to train osteopaths, create uniform programs and requirements that meet the highest educational standards.

7 Russian state medical universities, including Mechnikov North-West State Medical University, formed the consortium.

The main tasks of the consortium are:

  • Centralization of management and methodological activities of members
  • Training of teachers for the implementation of educational programs
  • Organization of network educational programs, online courses
  • Interdisciplinary medical interaction, creation and implementation of popular medical practices and algorithms
  • Formation of a single information space
  • Joint scientific activity
  • Formation of the electronic educational environment

The first meeting of the consortium members with the participation of university rectors, leading researchers and the chief osteopathy specialist of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health Dmitry Mokhov MD, D. Sc. was held on March 1 and was devoted to the main organizational issues and work planning for the coming year.

During the meeting, the Agreement and the Regulations on the consortium were approved, and Dmitry Mokhov was elected as a chairman. The work of the consortium will be coordinated by the Mechnikov North-West State Medical University which was appointed the supporting educational center.

The meeting of the Council of the consortium members will be held twice a year, but close cooperation and work will go on throughout the year.

It is expected that the association will become a platform for effective and extensive work on the development of osteopathic science and education in Russia.

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