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Dmitry Mokhov spoke at the ACON conference in Germany
16 ноября 2023, четверг

An international medical conference dedicated to traditional methods of treatment was held in the city of Bad Kissingen (Germany) from 9th to 11th November. It was organized by the working group for chiropractic/osteopathy and neural therapy «ACON». The event participants included osteopaths, physiotherapists, pediatricians, and specialists in sports rehabilitation medicine from different parts of the world.

At the conference Russia was represented by Dmitry Mokhov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, President of the Russian Osteopathic Association, who conducted a workshop «Modern osteopathic methodology for diagnosis and treatment». The workshop focused on a three-component approach in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, based on the assessment of changes in the state of tissues characterizing the biomechanical, hydrodynamic and neurodynamic components of somatic dysfunctions. At the workshop, Dmitry Mokhov emphasized the importance of a systematic approach in the work of an osteopathic physician, as well as constant interdisciplinary dialogue, which allows for an integrated approach to treatment.

The conference participants showed great interest in the workshop and expressed hope for further development of professional cooperation.

Dmitry Mokhov and his colleagues from the Russian Osteopathic Association have been developing osteopathy as an independent branch of medicine and the profession of osteopathic physician in Russia for many years. Therefore, the experience of the development of Russian osteopathy is very interesting to our colleagues abroad.

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