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Osteopathy in Russia is officially recognized as a scientific medical specialty
19 февраля 2024, понедельник

On February 15, the head of our institute, the president of the Russian Osteopathic Association, Dmitry Mokhov, spoke at the meeting of the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He presented a report on the scientific aspects of the new medical specialty «Osteopathy».

In his speech, Dmitry Mokhov noted that Russian osteopathy today is formed as a field of science with its own philosophy. At the same time, he emphasized that the Russian osteopathic school made a great contribution to the development of the methodology of osteopathy as a science.

Dmitry Mokhov also paid particular attention to the issues and prospects for the further development of osteopathy as a science, which requires systematization of scientific knowledge and deepening of scientific foundations. This, in turn, requires new research, including multicenter research, and continued development of methodology.

The speech aroused great interest among the academicians. They noted that the topic presented was of high relevance and great scientific and practical importance both for restorative medicine and for medical science in general. They also emphasized that osteopathy was fully part of preventive medicine, helping to maintain human health.

In conclusion of the meeting, the participants decided to contact the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with a request to supplement the passport of scientific specialty 3.1.33. “Restorative medicine, sports medicine, therapeutic physical training, balneology and physiotherapy, medical and social rehabilitation” with a field of research in osteopathy.

This event can be called historical, since now the path to science is open for Russian osteopathic physicians, who write thesis and other scientific papers strengthening the status of our specialty.

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