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Russian Osteopathic Journal

Российский остеопатический журнал, остеопатия в России


Russian Osteopathic Journal is a scientific and practical medical publication intended for specialists in the field of osteopathy and manual therapy.

The journal publishes scientific papers of renowned Russian and foreign scientists in the field of osteopathy and fundamental medical sciences. It is also the tribune for Russian osteopaths; the journal reflects different aspects of their life.

At the same time the Russian Osteopathic Journal is open to physicians of different specialties who can find in it recommendations concerning the use of osteopathic methods in therapeutic practice.

The Journal is registered in the Russian Federation Ministry of Press and holds a mass media registration certificate ПИ No. ФС77-86867 dated 12.02.2024.

The Russian Osteopathic Journal has been published quarterly since 2007; its circulation is one thousand copies, and it is distributed throughout Russia.

In 2016 the journal was entered on the list of publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.