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The St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy works with leading representatives of the osteopathic community both in Russia and abroad, as well as with our colleagues from different branches of medicine.

International collaboration

The Institute has continually developed international relationships since the date of its foundation. This work is aimed at sharing scientific and educational experience with international colleagues and at underscoring the status and position of Russian osteopathy worldwide. The Institute is a member of the International Osteopathic Alliance (OIA), and has cooperation agreements with osteopathic schools in France (IdHEO, Nantes; Eurosteo, Aix-en-Provence; College S.F.E.R.E., Aix-en-Provence; ESO, Paris) and Israel (ICON, Jerusalem). A number of our lecturers are members of the American Academy of Osteopathy, and our teachers take part in international forums and publish the results of their research in international scientific periodicals. Leading international lecturers regularly visit the St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy to run courses basd on their authorial programmes, and our lecturers also go abroad to teach in the world’s leading osteopathic schools. Since 2002 the Institute has annually organized the International Ostopathy Open Congress. Leading osteopaths, including Roger Caporossi, Serge Paoletti, Jean-Pierre Amigues, Robert Rousse, Jean-Pierre Guiliani, Michael Kuchera, as well as representatives of international osteopathic schools and professional societies take part in the Congress.

Scientific cooperation

Osteopathy holds significant potential for the development of cooperation with many other medical disciplines. Today, collaborative scientific research is on going with neurologists, orthopaedists, paediatricians, neonatologists, gynaecologists and even orthodontists. The Institute’s professors write thesis works in leading research establishments, hospitals and higher medical educational institutions, and the growth of interdisciplinary links is one of the primary objectives of the Institute’s research work.

Collaboration with hospitals

The number of the Institute’s clinical trial centres is constantly growing, with cooperation agreements already signed with leading osteopathic schools in Moscow, Kazan’, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Perm’, Tyumen’ and Ufa. Our principal clinical trial centre in St Petersburg is the Mokhov Institute of Osteopathy, the city’s largest state-of-the-art osteopathic clinic. As a result, our students can practise and conduct research in leading medical institutions under the guidance of experienced spe-cialists. We are open for collaboration with osteopathic clinics and other private and state medical institutions.

Participation in the work of the professional community

The St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy’s lecturers and employees are members of the Russian Osteopathic Association (ROsA) — the largest professional community of osteopaths in Russia. In October 2015 the Institute subscribed to the Association’s memorandum on the creation of a Council of the heads of osteopathic educational institutions, in order to unify the requirements and standards to train osteopathic physicians. The St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy is also, in collaboration with the Russian Osteopathic Association, co-organizer of the International Osteopathy Open Symposium (now Congress), which is dedicated to contemporary issues affecting osteopathy.