St. Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy
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Training in osteopathy in Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Russia


Training at the St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy is crucial for the development of the most important qualities that an osteopath must possess: the concept of the body as an integrated whole, palpation and perception to evaluate and correct the most precise and finely-tuned processes of the human body, and the clinical osteopathic way of thinking.

The St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy’s educational process is organized as follows:

  • For the convenience of our students we run courses beyond our St Petersburg centre. The Institute has branches in 6 Russian cities — St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan’, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Omsk — and the number is constantly growing.
  • The Institute’s educational programme incorporates lectures, practical courses and clinical practice.
  • Particular attention is paid to enhanced study of physiology and anatomy: without this knowledge, it is not possible to formulate the necessary holistic approach to the human body and to master the techniques of osteopathy.
  • An individual approach to each and every student: each practical lesson is attended by an assistant, an experienced teacher in their own right, whose role is to support the lecturer. The assistant observes how the students apply their hands and employ their technique. The teaching staff pay close attention to all of the students.
  • Obligatory clinical practice from the very first year of study allows students to hone their osteopathic technique to perfection and to formulate a clinical way of thinking by the time they graduate. The Institute’s clinical trial centres are the 24 leading osteopathic clinics of Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan’, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Omsk, Tyumen’, Perm’ and Ufa. As a result, our students from different regions have the opportunity to practise under the guidance of experienced osteopaths.
  • Study resources and library: during their studies, students use modern anatomical models, and are issued text books on each topic authored by the Institute’s teachers and lecturers. Our library holds a unique collection of osteopathic books by Russian and international authors, including books published with the assistance of the St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy.
  • All graduates from the Institute participate in scientific research. In line with international standards in osteopathic study, they defend their final research paper with the support of a scientific tutor. Their research findings are published in the Russian Osteopathic Journal and are presented at conferences both in Russia and abroad.
  • In line with current legislation, students who have successfully completed their studies obtain their residency diplomas or diplomas of professional retraining in osteopathy.
  • Traditionally, the graduation ceremony takes place in the ceremonial halls of St Petersburg State University and the I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical Institute.