St. Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy
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We prepare the high-level professionals needed by society,
who will be able to find quick and effective solutions for the task set before them — to help people.

Osteopathy is the natural way to health, the way to rise in living standards. Osteopathy is the future. We are doing everything for this future became present.

Each working day of the St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy is the new building block in the strong foundation of licensed state osteopathic teaching. Thereby we can be sure that osteopathy will became official and only professionals will work in it.

Dmitry Mokhov,
Director of the Institute of Osteopathy
 Добро пожаловать в Институт остеопатии

 Welcome to the Institute of Osteopathy!



If you are interested to learn more not only about the benefits of studying at the Institute of Osteopathy, our achievements in scientific, educational and international work, but also about the role which osteopathy plays in the modern health care system, please read through our brochure.

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