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Dear Colleagues,
We are happy to invite you to participate in the International Symposium Osteopathy Open 2011

Manual Medicine in Achieving Government Goals

Osteopathy in pediatrics and sports

June 10–12, 2011
Saint-Petersburg State University, building of Twelve Colleges, Universitetskaya embankment

On June 10–12, 2011 St. Petersburg will become the capital for the World’s Osteopathy for the ninth time. Traditionally, St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies invites experts from around the world to share their experience at the Osteopathy Open Symposium. Every year this event attracts the attention of physicians from different areas of medicine.
This year’s symposium will be structured around  the possibilities of manual medicine in pediatrics and sports. Taking into account the unfavorable demographic situation in Russia and in various developed countries, the improvement of both quantitative and qualitative indicators of the population gets greater governmental significance. Objective evaluation of the long-term effects of osteopathic treatment undertaken in the early stages of postnatal ontogenesis and in professional athletics enables to consider this promising direction as a high-tech medical care that could significantly affect the quality of public health and enhance athletic performance. The results of the clinical studies with the use of modern methods of verification will be presented. The workshops will demonstrate the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment.
The Osteopathy Open Symposium 2011 will gather the representatives of Russian State Medical and Educational Boards and Russian and International Osteopathic Associations, including J.-P. Amigues (France), F. Ceritelli (Italy) , S. Paoletti (France), F. Amigues (Canada), L. Busquet (France), M. Dobensky (Israel), A. N. Shepovalnikov (Russia), D. E. Mokhov (Russia), A. F. Belyaev (Russia), I. A. Litvinov (Russia) and many others.
Welcome to St. Petersburg — the capital of the Russian osteopathy! The Organizing Committee will offerfor participants an unforgettable sightseeing program: a trip to the "Russian village" Mandrogui, a boat  trip  along canals and rivers and walks around Saint-Petersburg during the so called “White Nights” (Russian: Beliye Nochi).

Kind regards
Organization committee

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