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Выдающиеся остеопаты современности о соединительной ткани

June 7–12, 2012
Saint-Petersburg, Биржевая линия, д. 6
June 7–9 2012
Jean-Jacques Debroux “Connective Tissue Continuity in Diagnosis and Treatment”
June 10–12 2012
Robert Rousse “Intrauterine injuries”




Antony Chila is a Doctor of Osteopathy who graduated from Kansas City College Of Medicine And Surgery (Missouri).  He has been teaching osteopathy at various American osteopathic schools since 1977. He is the author of many osteopathic articles and monographs, a member of American Osteopathic Association, American Academy of Osteopathy as well as the Cranial Academy.



Connective Tissue Continuity in Diagnosis and Treatment


June 7–9 2012


Seminar Objective

The epoch of collaboration among experts in various fields has currently started. Such collaboration will be able to extend interdisciplinary comprehension of connective tissue system at a later date.  For its deeper understanding osteopathic physician is guided by observation made by A. T. Still: “Thanks to its [connective tissue] functioning we live, because of its damage we die”.

The seminar is carried out at the request of physicians, with whom A. Chila worked in 2006-2007 with the greatest pleasure. The theme of first seminars was defined as “Connective Tissue Continuity in Diagnosis and Treatment”. Presentations at that time were based on understanding of classic osteopathic philosophy which A. Chila continued using in his practice and teaching as well as on personal interest in connective tissue system.

Seminar Program

1st day

Thoracic spine (functional parts, transfer of force)
Hind pectoral muscles (internal, external)
Thoracolumbar fascia
Nervous, vascular and lymphatic value
Osteopathic techniques

2nd day

Thoracic bones (ribs, breastbone)
Intercostal muscles
Intercostal fascia
Nervous, vascular and lymphatic value
Osteopathic techniques

3d day

Upper limb
Nervous, vascular and lymphatic value
Imposition of force (connective tissue continuity)



Роберт Русс


Robert Rousse is a Doctor of Osteopathy, the head of Montreal children’s osteopathic research center (Canada) as well as a lecturer of several Canadian, German and Swiss osteopathic schools.

Intrauterine injuries


June 10–12, 2012




Seminar Objective

The seminar is intended for people who want to start studying osteopathic approach in pediatrics or to increase one’s knowledge about osteopathy for children. Robert Rousse’s approach differs from classic methods which are usually taught in osteopathic schools. Rousse offers participants of the seminar to acquaint with impact which some fetal lies during the intrauterine development period can exert on the foetus state.  Such lies will be at the bottom of symptoms which will make little patients see a doctor. These babies belch, sleep unwell, suffers from colic as well have pronounced cranium and body asymmetry.

During palpation or tests you can observe that normalcy of the same body areas is broken owing to lack of liveliness or vital force or because of both reasons. As well we find out that in the course of  treatment child’s body assumes weird and sometimes even limiting poses. Such postural poses can’t be formed in labor, which was taking its normal course.

It brings us to the conclusion that, if something hasn’t happened during delivery which can be injured as well or after birth, something has happened during pregnancy.

Detection of poses which were stamped on tissues and decoding of real developments will make it possible to help baby’s tissues to correct consequences of physical and emotional injuries.

Seminar Program

In the course of the seminar 5 the most frequent infant postural poses, sketch of its generation as well technique and methodology of its correction were considered. Participants of the seminar acquainted  with specific osteopathic techniques of intrauterine traumas correction. Moreover at the end of both days commented treatment of one baby was carried out.